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Hi guys! I’m Danielle – the Eye Doctor and Baker/recipe creator/food stylist/food photographer behind EyeDocBakes! Like a lot of you, I wear many hats. By day I care for my patients, treating all their eye and vision needs, and by night I’m in the kitchen, creating some new sweet treat to taste test and write about for you! I always tell my patients that so much more goes into achieving good vision than just being able to read the 20/20 line on the eye chart. Likewise, a dessert isn’t just the taste, or just the design – it has to all come together to create something truly beautiful.




Have you been baking all your life?

Not at all! I get this question a lot. I actually come from a family of amazing cooks and bakers, but I never took an interest in it until a few years ago. So basically all of the baking you see on here I’ve taught myself! Funny story, I actually would never even come near an oven until about seven years ago. My shining achievement in the kitchen up until then had been making a box brownie mix with my best friend one night. (I still have the photos to prove it).

Did you know a lot about photography when you started your blog?

Noooooo. Haha. You’re looking at blog 2.0. When I was creating this new version of the blog I debated whether I should keep the older posts and photos – as they definitely don’t match the aesthetic I have now. I decided to keep them, because it shows my baking journey -and really we’re all on a journey – so I hope it can inspire someone that even if you have no idea how to do something  – life is all about learning, and if I can do it, you can too! (And by the way, still learning every day about baking, and photography, and everything in between!)

I see some really fancy cakes on Instagram but not as many on your blog. Why is that?

I hope to start posting some cake decorating tutorials soon! I find that I like to create either really complicated, over the top cakes and bakes (what can I say, I think we eat with our eyes first!), or super easy desserts you can make any time, when you’re just craving something sweet.  And I’m always open to suggestions! If you see one of my creations on insta that I haven’t written about on here, and you want some info on how to create it – just ask! If I can, I’ll always try to help!

What’s your favorite dessert?

Oof. That’s a hard one! My favorite dessert to make is honestly anything that seems like a bit of a challenge. I love the science behind baking and food design, so I love a good challenge and accomplishing a new creation. My favorite dessert to eat? All of them? But realistically, fruit or berry tarts. LOVE a good shortcrust pastry, yum!


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